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February 07, 2005

Old time GJ fans, gather here

There was a question raised in the letters section and I thought I'd solve it here in Munden's. There's some concern about talking baout OLD GJ stories by the "vets" -- our old time readers who want to freely discuss the series they remember but don't weant to spoil any surprises for NEW readers. So I figure we can do it here in Munden's; what better place? If you read this thread, just know we're freely talking about all the GrimJack stories. If you're a new reader and don't ant to know all that just yet, don't rad this thread. I'm creating another one specifically for you anyway.

I'll be dropping in on the conversation as I can and maybe Mike and Tim will come in and out as well. Gordon says we can run a tab. Just don't let Bob steal all the drinks.

-- John Ostrander

Posted by John Ostrander at February 7, 2005 10:51 AM

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Hm.. I can't seem to post...

Posted by: KawangaKid at February 10, 2005 01:32 AM

Is it me or is the GJ site very quiet? I joined in with the FAQ + Mundens but that was days ago.

Come on show your support!


Posted by: Ian Neve at February 14, 2005 07:44 AM

I had the toughest time finding my way back here to Mundens's!
That's my Harley parked out front with the "XWINO" license plate. I got sober in '85 and just couldn't seem to find my way now that I was no longer seeing the world through bloodshot, blurry, double-vision sight.
Suddenly, we were "back in phase" and a portal opened so I guess I had better say my piece quick.
I appreciate Mr. Gaunt's offer of a free drink but would prefer you give mine to Bob. (What's that, Bob already drank it anyway?) Well, buy him another on me.
I'll be back on occasion. John was kind enough to extend an open invite. I'll be honest, Cynosure is a much scarier place when you are sober but knowing I got Gaunt and others watching my six makes me comfortable enough to return, so plan on seeing more of me in the future!

Posted by: hitch at February 14, 2005 03:12 PM

Thanks for dropping by, gang! kwangakid, let us know if you continue to have problems signing in. Ian -- it's early yet here in Munden's. I think people will show. Just make sure you know the nearest exit when thingsget "rowdy". I'll give you a hint -- look for me. I'll be the first one out!
Hitch, Gordon has promised to fix you up with a juice or soda or even coffee and not give you any hard times about it. Just glad to see you back. Make sure he WASHES that coffee cup first, though! You REALLY don't know where it's been!

All the best

-- John

Posted by: John Ostrander at February 14, 2005 06:04 PM

Iam sure Gordon can keep things in check, its' that chap in the corner with the Deaths' Head grin Iam quite worried about. The way he looks everybody up and down when they come in.....Creeeeeeepy.


Posted by: Ian Neve at February 15, 2005 01:38 AM

Several years back, J. Michael Straczynski was working on a GrimJack movie script. If I remember correctly, that deal got scotched when he found out that the rights were (then) in dispute. Now that y'all have that worked out, d'you think there's any chance for a movie?

Posted by: AlexxKay at February 16, 2005 01:26 PM

Oh, we are definitely having our man in Hollyweird talking to folks. His name is Ken Levin, he's done some major deals, and people are talking to him. I'm real hopeful but nothing to report YET. Rest assured, when there is, we will be telling you here right quick.

-- John

Posted by: John Ostrander at February 16, 2005 05:33 PM

It's nice to see old friends, old DT's (no I still ain't interested in being a host) and be able to find Old Mink again. BTW, I was told by Jericho on the way into town that under no circumstances should K Reeves be in a Grimjack movie( whoever that is).
John, Tim, Thanks for bringing back a great series.
--Jon, the other white meat..

Posted by: Jon P at February 18, 2005 08:31 AM

For the past 12 years, I’ve felt like Linus on Halloween night – sitting in his sincere little pumpkin patch, awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin. Each and every Wednesday, as I creep warily into the comic shop part of me is still thinking “maybe THIS week they'll be back.” They weren’t the comics that were published when I was 10, but they’re still the comics of my personal Golden Age: Grimjack, American Flagg, Airboy, Journey... even the Fish Police. The Indy comics of the last 80s are still, pound for pound, some of the best comics ever made, and I miss them each and every week.

By finally, lo these many years later, the Great Pumpkin finally arrived with the new Grimjack series by Ostrander and Truman.

Welcome back guys. It's been WAAAAAY too long.

Posted by: DneColt at February 18, 2005 04:42 PM

First off, HELL YES!! I have been waiting for fourteen years now for this book to come back, so please excuse my enthusiasm. Every once in a while I would look around to see what was happening with the legal problems, but overall I was stuck rereading the old series. I wandered off into Hellblazer and Sandman after Grimjack was shut down, but nothing has come close to filling that comic void. I was so excited when an old high school friend e-mailed me out of the blue to inform me of the new series. So to Ostrander and Truman, welcome back! You have been sorely missed...
I just picked up the first issue and I can't wait for #2. And now I find that you have demon stars for sale?! Where were these things back in the day? I would have killed for one of these...
Anyway, a couple of questions for anyone who may know the answers. 1) Am I correct in my understanding that "Killer Instincts" is a limited series? If so, are we eventually going to get an on-going series? I hope so... 2) I know that Twilley wasn't as popular as the original incarnation, but believe it or not, he was actually my favorite. Is there any chance that we may get a story about him somewhere down the way? 3) In a related question, in the last issue of the old series, Ostranger mentioned a story about Jim Twilley in Hell. It was to be the first of the bi- or tri- monthly Grimjack books that never materialized. Is there any chance that this will be released some time?
Alright, maybe I am moving too fast and should just be happy that we are back in business! Thanks again to Ostranger and Truman for continuing to fight for this book. Your dedication was well worth it and your old fans are eagerly awaiting what happens next!
By the way, it really is nice to be back at Munden's again... Cheers.

Posted by: Chris Lawrence at March 4, 2005 03:32 AM

It feels really damn good to have the Grinner back. One thing, though, that I don't know if Mr. Ostrander has considered... are you really ready for a whole new generation of GrimFans to hate you for killing Spook? I worry for you...

Posted by: Baphomet at March 16, 2005 04:41 PM

Who says you don't get what you pray for? Sometimes you just need a little more patience -- and the proper sacrifice ...

Posted by: weft at March 18, 2005 03:31 PM

Cynosure, sweet cynical Cynosure. Long time no see. Yes, I started collecting back right around issue 1 of the first series. Can't remember that far back ya know.

I collected 'em all, and have spent my last few years scouring the web for some word. It finally came a coupla months ago that John regained the rights to good old Gaunt.

I haven't collected comics in about 10 years, and I have considered selling my collection from time to time. All except my Grimjack.

When my wife and I divorced, it was the only thing we came close to arguing over, custody of the Grimjack collection. (it was a happy parting and I can't wait to show her this site).

In fact, Grimjack is the only piece of fan fiction I have ever written. Sent it to First comics and everything.

One comment, and one question. First, two words as far as merchandise goes....ACTION FIGURES!

And...Are we going to see James Twilly again? I liked him just as much as John Gaunt.

Posted by: Giger at March 19, 2005 06:08 AM

Just out of curiosity, mostly so I don't have to unearth all of my earlier issues, have those mimes appeared before?

I just loved that ending narration.... it reminded me why I missed this series so much...

The Shallar

Posted by: Shallar at March 31, 2005 04:35 PM

Hey, everybody!

I have been out of circulation for a while, what with being unemployed and broke for the last year, so the re-emergence of Mr. Gaunt and Cynosure took me by complete surprise when I just happened to spot his beautiful mug completely by accident while ignoring all the "worst thing to happen in the continuity, ever" stuff littering the shelf at a local comic shop.

I immediately bought everthing I could find of it (3 issues and the TBP), even though this means another week of mac & cheese.

I must know, however, are there any plans to unveil a Grimjack Role-Playing Game?

In the meantime, I'll have a glass of Chatteau d' Former Self with a grilled head-cheese sandwich, please.

Lee Garvin

Posted by: Lee Garvin at April 14, 2005 10:41 PM

I had been waiting for this for so long I had given up hope. My jaw dropped when I heard the news and I immediatly had to call like 10 people to tell them there was a reason to go to a comic store again. Welcome back!

Posted by: Sterling at May 26, 2005 03:24 AM

Ok,I just read Killer Instict 1-4 and I have to say that this is some very strong material. John Ostrander has a great voice which is something that, in my opinion, cannot be learned. Either you have it or you don't and he has it. As for Tim....damn!... this guy's art is what got me into GOOD comics in the first place, when I glanced at grimjack number one back in the day. By the end of Scout his style seemed to have evolved to a new level and I always wondered what it would be like if he ventured back into cynosure. Now I know and every page is gorgeous. It was great to see Fetus call those guys "Cocksuckers" after years of being pushed around and having to watch his mouth. The conversations seem so much more natural now with the less restricted language. I'm hoping that we will see some of Macabre in the future. I know he is not due to resurface for awhile by this timeline but he is a quality villain. I mean, come on...this is a guy who gave his kids up as meat for genetic experiments. He makes Darth Vader look like Peter Pan. Would I sound too greedy if I asked for a Youngblood graphic novel this soon? Youngblood is crucial Grimjack and would look beautiful in one hardcover book. Anyway, the new stuff is the best yet. I waited so long for this, and never expected to be disapointed, but I didn't expect to be this pleased either. Now just keep it coming.


Posted by: Sterling Dew at May 27, 2005 01:53 AM

AH HAAAAAA i figured out how to read the comments FINALLY! MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!
so then i see i'm not the only person in the multiverse who has taste! BOWS to the man who mentioned American Flagg! and the guy who asked for a YOUNGBLOOD HARDCOVER! i've been bitching for a while about it...*smile* i also have cried like a baby for a Demonwars trade paper back. but i just get "in time mebbe" GRRRR!like the next 15 years we'll see the "outlaw in hell" we where promised!
i'LL BE 67 yrs OLD then and john will be dead.
actually with my heart i'll be dead before him..
young blood is where they should think of starting a movie deal but i think a movie deal Ain't the way to go.. i think a series on the sci fi channel is a better bet or showtime or the guys behind "carnivale" is that on cinemax? i dunno i watched it on DVD...
how many of you people wanna see TWILLY!? I WANT CLOSURE! wrap it up for christs sake! GIMMI AN ENDING! BEFORE MINE COMES! then i think mr John ostrander should think about a NEW INCARNATION!
this rehashing old gaunt story lines is dulling your mind JOHN... your resting on dusty laurels.
and your a better writer than that! fill a few holes in the road FINE but get on with it.
times running out....your not as young as we used to be!
and STOP this talk of a Final grimjack story
you'vde created a MYTH here that can be as big as FREAKIN boyscout SUPERMAN! and you wanna END IT?
WHY? leave it open for the future (write the end story but leave it for the future to print or....
make it so it's set FAR beyond the NOW...
leave a hole big enough for the writers of the future to work with. Kane CREATED BATMAN..
but it's NOTHING to what BATMAN became...

i understand John's your baby (is that why he's NAMED JOHN?) but don't kill him off for good give him to the future as the ICON he's MEANT TO BE!
the heros of an ERA! destined to live on and echo down the corridors of history ...
"i wouldn't want to fight him"
ACHILLES: and That's why no one will remember YOUR name...
Grimjacks day has not arrived yet...
he was robbed of it in 1989 (90?)
WE where robbed of it!
I don't need to stroke Tim TRUMAN'S EGO! HE'S TIM TRUMAN !!! the ORIGINAL ARTIST FOR GRIMJACK HE CREATED THE LOOK ( I'M SO TIRED of hearing him DISS (no pun*smile*) his OLD WORK! HELL SCOUT WILL ASSURE HIM HIS DUES ARE PAID and the cover of ISSUE #1 of GrimJack IS WAAAAAY better than what he did for "legend"Vol.1 HE WAS THE MAN BABY!
NO ONE could have drawn DARK like him NO one CAN.
Gulacy? GREAT ARTIST TIM, but it's a whole differant style (i liked the portraits he did in shang chi) BUT TIM MADE FILM NOIR SCI FI!
steve PUGH was GREAT (and he predicted the coming of marylin manson in that shot of angry John in the ally *am i the only one to see it?*)



and FLINT HENRY IS HIS DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and despite the gushing praises above .


and it made grimjack live again...
and ONLY FLINT could have made that horror REAL ENOUGH! no ONE else....
the demon wars and the Graphic novel together
but i'm getting the idea it's all about waiting ...
letting the profits roll in...
and that's sucking
but i'm waiting as patiently as i can

Posted by: Ragan at June 22, 2005 01:50 AM

I am going to strike right at the heart.

Grimjack's back and that is something I never thought would happen again. Gaunt seriously demented my teen-age soul. All those wild and confusing years of youth. How many people actually took it upon themselves to carry a sword in public and mess it up with the police. Gads... I don't miss those days, but I do miss some of the passion that triggered it, and I've just drank from the well again.

That being said... I end this with Jim's own words from Grimjack issue 81.

NEXT TIME: So - we've killed off poor Jim Twilley. That's the end of his story. Finis. No more. Right?
Uh-uh. Our first story arc is going to be by me an Mr. Flint "I am Godzilla's Brother" Henry, and now I can tell you the title" Grimjack: Outlaw in Hell. Twilley's not ready to go on to his next life just yet. He's got some friends in hell, and he wants to bust them out - and then there's the li'l question of what happened to Maethe and Rhian and Gdeon and all the other Pdwyrians. Twilley intends out. He's gonna. And before we're done, he (and you) will discover the nature of the doom that he's under.
After that... well, I've been talking to the master - Tim Truman - and we're thinking of doing something about John Gaunt. After that? That'll be the next incarnation, which right now has the working title of Grimjack: Blood Rite. Wait unit you see what I got planned there! All I can say right now is this: twins.

I am still waiting. Blessings.

Posted by: Zak at August 12, 2005 12:30 AM

I've got a few questions.
1. When can we expect more new GJ?
2. Any update on a GJ movie?
3. Has anyone seen "Uncle Evlis" yet?
4. Any plans on new Twilley stories?
5. Can we expect more Bob?


Bob (no relation to any watchlizards)

Posted by: Bob at July 6, 2006 05:00 PM

Weird but this site is awful quiet.

Posted by: Alistair at January 16, 2008 02:35 PM

This site's been quiet because most of the action is taking place over at ComicMix, where new GrimJack and Munden's Bar stories are taking place.

And it's all for free. Yes, free comics.

Posted by: Glenn Hauman at March 27, 2008 10:40 AM

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