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August 27, 2005

New meaning to "drinking contest"

If we can convince the Cynosure City Council to do this, we'll be rich!

Beer drinking survey has Germany's Schroeder ahead - Yahoo! News:

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats are trailing opposition leader Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats in all the leading opinion polls ahead of a September 18 general election.

But Schroeder's SPD have nevertheless opened up a comfortable lead of 117 litres in an unusual "Vote With Your Throat" beer drinking survey at a popular tavern in the government quarter.

The "Waehle mit der Kehle" poll allows beer drinkers at the Bundespressestrand to choose between the "Schroeder tap," which is painted in the SPD color red, or the "Merkel tap," painted in Merkel's CDU banner color of black.

Exactly 1,319 litres of the Schroeder beer were purchased in the first two weeks of the race, according to a digital measuring device at the beach-style bar across the River Spree from the Reichstag building, compared to Merkel's 1,202 litres.

The results of the poll, sponsored by the German-language Financial Times Deutschland newspaper, are published each day on the newspaper's Internet site (www.ftd.de/kehle).

Merkel had opened an early 105-liter advantage after the first weekend of the beer polling, but Schroeder mounted a furious comeback, racing to a 151-liter lead after the second weekend before it started to dry up again.

By contrast, the CDU lead the SPD by between 14-11 points in the latest opinion polls.

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