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September 14, 2005

Timothy Truman at Baltimore Comic-Con

Tim writes: "The show is this weekend, Sept. 17-18. I will be there on Saturday the 17th (not sure about Sunday). Steve Becker-- the talented artist who worked with me on inks for 'GrimJack: Killer Instinct'-- will be with me. We will have a table in the main hall. I'll be bringing a lot of original artwork from GrimJack, plus advance preview material for my Conan project that I'm doing with my Jonah Hex cohort, Joe R. Lansdale. Steve will be bringing a portfolio full of fantastic stuff-- wait 'til you see his work.

"I must say in all honesty that of all the conventions I've attended in the past year, last year's Baltimore Con was my favorite! Great people, great vibe, and a beautiful, easy-to-find location.


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September 08, 2005

Why we don't serve appetizers, part 2

Restaurant In China Shut Down As Pricey Delicacy Turns Out To Be Donkey Meat In Urine... :

The cat is out of the bag at a restaurant in northeast China that had been serving donkey meat spiked with tiger urine in pricey dishes advertised as endangered Siberian tigers.

Local media in Heilongjiang province got wind the restaurant was offering stir-fried dishes and medicinal liquor made from tiger meat and bones, sparking local police and health inspectors to pounce, the China Daily said today.

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