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July 26, 2006

The Amazing Screw-On Head

Email... we get email... this is from Ken Levin, comic book consigliere:

From: Ken F. Levin Subject: (unless you have ever received an email before) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT EMAIL YOU COULD EVER GET IN THE HISTORY OF EMAILS!

A number of you have asked me to let you know if you can access something I’m working on. (Some of you have instead asked to make sure you are specifically NOT told about things I’m working on, but unfortunately I’ve lost THAT list, so you’re getting this email too). So... here is a head’s up on THE AMAZING SCREW-ON HEAD, which has an interactive component and pilot viewing you could help me on if you are so inclined.

A brief bit of background: My friend Mike Mignola, one of the great comic creators, created this and we took it into animation. As I explained to various tv execs, it’s that old chestnut about the head that screws itself into the appropriate body for his Secret Service job at hand, such as saving Abraham Lincoln from the Nazis. OK, I know it’s been done before but Mike has a special take on it. Most execs looked at me like I must be high (I know that look from some of you, actually), but Mark Stern jumped on it. My friend and producing partner Jason Netter and his Kickstart Productions company did an incredible job with it, including getting David Hyde Pierce and Paul Giametti for the lead voices -- you may have seen Paul talking about it on CONAN or THE VIEW Friday, or seen it in the WALL STREET JOURNAL Saturday (I know, I know, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL??). The reviews, like from AIN’T IT COOL NEWS, have been embarrassingly over the top (ummm, I’m not really THAT embarrassed…); NBCU (which owns SciFi Channel) asked us if they could use it as the first show they are allowing people to see in full on the internet before its pilot airing. The pilot is TOMORROW on SciFi Channel at 10:30pm, or 9:30pm, or 4am after the Farm Report, wherever your local broadcaster has slotted it. You can watch it in full by going to WWW.SCIFI.COM/PULSE (but only if you’ll vote afterwards; “vote” means saying “OH MY GOD! It’s the greatest thing that’s ever been on tv in the history of tv, dude!” in case there’s confusion about voting).* Voting, but especially watching the pilot, would be of great help, in case there’s any confusion there, too; alerting all your friends and acquaintances would also be much appreciated. And if you do, I promise that Paul Giametti or David Hyde Pierce will come to your house and thank you personally. We’re just having a little problem with the scheduling.

Thanks as always…


*You can tell by how he treats voting that Ken's from Chicago.

Posted by Gordon Munden at July 26, 2006 11:12 PM

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