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February 21, 2005



CYNOSURE (ADP)- The Transdimensional Police and Bureau of Criminal Thought are investigating reports that artist Timothy Truman has launched a new website, the TrumanStudio (http://www.trumanstudio.Citymax.com).

"If we find the son of a lupoo we'll shoot him down in the streets like a... a... well, like a lupoo!" frothed Minister of Police Honus Seffington (looking elegant in his chiffon greatcoat and freshly applied temporary cheek tatoos).

"There's no reason, really," his aide, Sgt. Roscoe Shumacher, continued. Roscoe took a long drag from a cheap cigarette and thumbed the safety of his Grell 110XL. "It's just what we do."

Interest in the site has been high. Reportedly, the cyberstructure is packed with art and artifacts from across the Cynoverse, including new, unseen GRIMJACK art. "Our sources say that, all told, there might be as many as four galleries full of artwork in the joint" said Sgt. Schumacher. "The sick, perverted bastard. It's enough to make ya puke."

Despite repeated telepathic requests for a comment, officials from the Bureau of Criminal Thought remain silent on the matter-- lending credence to belief that the mysterious agency might somehow be involved with the site.

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