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May 11, 2005

Letters to the editor - GrimJack: Killer Instinct #4

Out in stores today! Feel free to submit your letters and comments on GrimJack: Killer Instinct #4 here.

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Posted at May 11, 2005 12:40 AM

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Well I have to apologise,I enjoyed issue #until it got to the ninja mimes, but issue #4 changed my opinion. Well done guys.
It's good to see Grimjack from Gaunts days, I did not stumble across the old series until Twilley was introduced (Whom I really like. Can't wait until we see some of him)

Posted by: Kane at May 14, 2005 08:17 AM

ok I don't know how to e mail ostrander or truman
directly or where my questions should be posted i'm not a computer wiz, and it's really late here in texas. so i'd appreciate it if this isn't where this goes if you could Please forward it to the proper people..?
who am I?
i'm a 42 year old guy who owns every apperance of Grimjack EVER i own all the starslayer backups
(and most of starslayer too) every issue of grimjack
from one through the last every crossover etc.
and ALMOST all the "casefiles" too when i find em i'll get those too. and demonknights,the graphic novel..everything the entire grimjack saga..
it's my favorite comic EVER and i've been reading comics for a LONG time. i was hooked by the cover of "a dangerous new beginning" and became obsessed
right after i read it, and still am. now the grinners back and like the other fans i'm happy about it, BUT what's the DEAL ? what HAPPENED TO GRIMJACK IN HELL? we where promised AN ENDING!?
WHAT HAPPEND TO THAT STORYLINE? jesus i wait YEARS for an ENDING TO MY FAVORITE STORY and you pick up in the middle of stuff i know (ok the part about how john gets MUNDENS i cool,but contrived.) i want to know what happens with james and his family and friends. now i'd like you to know WHY i'm so strident about it. i'm 41 years old 42 on the 29th of June, and two mounths ago i DIED 5 times (my heart)i had a blocked left anterior decending artery they put in a stent but i'm still
living on borrowed time. so i'm kinda serious about time now, and i can't WAIT for you guy's to finish these new expensive reprints of stories i allready OWN to get to the stuff i've been waiting for. i mean what the hell guys? this looks like it's all about maximum profits. 20$ reprints and a six issue mini? is that what i get? GUYS if you wanna introduce Grimjack to a new audience and get us old farts to pony up dough get on the stick and make some compilated trade graphics outta the demonwars and YOUNGBLOOD BACKUPS for christ's sake
I'LL BUY THAT WITH A SMILE!and so will every other fan, but i'm not gonna pony up 20 bucks a pop, for stories i allready own just to have a pretty cardboard cover,i'm tens of thousands of dollers in debt now, 30 or so because i don't have medical insurance..i still bought all four of the mini so far and the legend of grimjack
#1. Oh, i'm also unemployed now, so i'm not cheap just F'ing BROKE. and i'm gonna be that way for a long while...longer than i have left most likely.
tim and john are having fun filling holes...great it's their love child, i understand that but i'd like to see the rest of the story from where i left off before i'm dead again and miss it..
which brings me to the big question in my mind after reading what i've seen,

DID HE FLIP OUT after first went under?
DID he PISS OFF John and Tim?
Does he have no INTEREST in doing grimjack or comics?
i can't seem to find anything about him anywhere?
no mentions of him...
so what happened?

what about FURTHER NEW incarnations? that chick with the demonstar tattoo was a cool idea...!

i wrote tim truman an e mail once with a question about a Grimjack movie and he wrote back about grimjack still being "locked up in a corp.dungeon

still a good idea in my book but i think it'd have to be more than one unless you started with the demon wars or where i started "a dangerous new beginning" and then did a "lucas" backtrack with the profits and started with "youngblood"
but you need a better ending than BLAM shot in the back and that's IT. dead end. where's the closure? i've been waiting for 15 years?
and my times running out and John looks older than me and heavier, if he's gonna write it HE NEEDS TO DO IT NOW!

i'm sorry if i've been heavy here folks but i FEEL
for this story...
I LOVE this story...

i lived to see the lord of the rings done.
i DOUBT i'll ever live to see my other favorite reads done justice.
i won't live to see Barsoom
or the Hyborian Age
or a world that they can do Lazerus Long
without an X rateing...
but if you guys whant to make MONEY
i could see the Grimjack i've been waiting for
before i die....for good.

p.s. *smile* this is the first fan letter i ever wrote, except for the question to Tim truman's website,
i'm not uncle elvis..just a guy who loves to read a great story.
thanks for listening i hope.
P.P.S. the new mini IS really nice *smile*
except whats with Gordon? i figure you'll get around to explaining his attitude change in #5 or #6?

Ragan Bourgeois
1312 16th st.
huntsville Tx. 77340

Posted by: Ragan Bourgeois at June 13, 2005 05:10 AM

Rogan, can you clue me in on some of the 'crossovers', case files, and other specials? I just found DEMON KNIGHTS (in a Half Price Books bookstore no less) and am at a loss about what else to look for. I was spoiled -- in the late 80's I had a cow-orker who had all the GJs and let me read them but he said that the DemonWars were too depressing and would not let me read those (dam mind-nazi). I loved them so much I used GrimJack as a login all over the net, then when I ran into another guy who had all GJs collected, I started my own collection (the collection is pretty mixed but I have the Starslayers, issue 1 and the TMNT go to Munden's among others).


ps as a side note, that co-worker (cow-orker is a shiboleth from AFU) turned me on Billy Nguyen, the post-apocolyptic, half-Vietnamese, private dick working in Seattle

Posted by: zaacharia at July 26, 2005 01:29 PM