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August 03, 2005

Letters to the editor - GrimJack: Killer Instinct #6

The grand finale! Things go bad! Things go boom! Feel free to submit your letters and comments on GrimJack: Killer Instinct #6 here.

Please note that any and all letters posted here may be used for print publication, unless specifically requested not to. After all, you don't want to read another "how we made it" column in the first issue of the next GrimJack miniseries, do you?

(Next miniseries...?)

Posted at August 3, 2005 02:54 PM

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Grim Guys,
Boy it was great to see the Grinner back in action.I was not sure of the prequel format at first since but it ended up being a fantastic storyline to read after all these years of waiting. Of course you knew before it was ever published that the "old fans" like me would be along for the ride.While we may have gotten a taste of Gault with the Spider giving us a "deaths head grin" or "visions" of him being killed over and over in Scout (Tim you sly dog)it was a treat to see Gault with Tim's styling pencils.
Back to the storyline for a moment;there were alot of nice touches with most of the old gang in place. I especially enjoyed the vampire aspect of the story. Gault has been at his best when vampires and Cadre are involved (Buried Past is still my all-time favorite story). The use of the same knives used in Buried Past and Gordon getting more of the backstory we were always promised added to the enjoyment for me.
While the hardcovers will keep me happy so I won't have to dog ear my original comics and the softcovers will keep my friends happy as I won't yell at 'em for touching my copies and the various shirts, mousepads, clocks, etc. will keep you happy as you get some ching out of it (and advertising to boot)we still you need to visit Gault again so when you get done laying your chops to Conan get your butt back to drawing the Grinner. In between bouts of Gault maybe Mr. O could get around to finishing the Twilley story and what ever happened to those twin Grimjacks you promised us all those years ago?
Thanks for bringing back my favorite character of all time.
Willie Mellen

Posted by: Willie Mellen at August 4, 2005 05:56 PM

GrimJack: Killer Instinct was everything that I was hoping it would be--but mostly a rollicking good time for everyone (except for Grinner and his associates, natch!). I'm very much looking forward to the next GrimJack mini, and hope that it doesn't take too long to appear. Meanwhile, I have the collections to keep me company.

Here's a casting idea for Jawn that I haven't heard yet. How about Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn from LOTR (unless y'all think he's too purdy). He ain't no young'un, but he's not so old that it'd be questionable whether he'd still be around for a sequel. What d'ya think?

Posted by: Andrew W. Laubacher at August 5, 2005 10:54 AM

Whaddayaknow? Two posts in one day. I was readin' Legend of GrimJack Vol. 3, and I come across the story "Charnel House". Is there a story page or two missing? We go from Gaunt entering the office of XCI head, Hal'xygan-10 on page 105 to GrimJack and Elvanna together on the street on page 106. Looks like there should be something in-between. Am I right?

Thanx for yer time.

Posted by: Andrew W. Laubacher at August 5, 2005 06:03 PM

Yeah... I was wondering that too, so I checked out my old copy of issue 12. We're definitely missing two pages between pages 105 and 106 of the trade.

Posted by: John Koenigsbeck at August 6, 2005 01:35 PM

Hi everyone.

I have a good friend to thank for turning me onto GrimJack.
Him living in the US, me in little ol' Belgium (and first meeting each other in France!) we found our mutual love for comics to be deeply-rooted. He's a bit older than me though, so he could inform me on the "older" series, like this wonderful series (along with American Flagg, Scout & others). I was having a hard time tracking down any backissues in Belgium though (seems as if comics didn't really reach us until a little later).
How happy was I when I read the announcement all of GJ would be reprinted, and a new series would go along with it!
Ostrander has always been a staple for quality, Truman is one of my favorites ever since Jonah Hex (and backtracking from there) and with Lovern & John it's most likely the best comic to come from IDW. By far.
Finished reading the entire series in one sitting today (it's how I do things) and I long for more. I've been slowly getting into to reprints as well (I wish I had more time!) and I just wanted to say thanks for this great series!

Posted by: Arnout at August 9, 2005 05:35 AM

Greetings you demented old bastards!
This is not specifically related to KI #6, but as I JUST put it down, this is the place I ended up...
Back in the day, I was hooked when my uncle let me read issue #4, the first issue I actually bought was #20, and since then have not missed a beat.
When the new series was announced, I asked the local shop to pull a few for me and a friend. They did so, but for some reason only pulled 1 copy of issue #3. When they tried to reorder, the distributor was SOLD OUT! woo hoo! Hopefully that bodes well for you guys, as I hope to see the Grinner stick around a bit longer this time around. Anyway- yesterday, I was finally able to find my own copy of #3(yeah, my stupid self gave the single copy over to my buddy...)so I could finish reading the run.
Damn, you guys are the s%@*! You haven't lost your edge at all, and the pacing and artwork are sharper than ever.
I celebrated a birthday last week, and this was by far the best gift I could have asked for.
Thank You all.

Posted by: Russ Colter at August 17, 2005 04:39 PM

Dear Grimjackets, I just finished no. 6. Great stuff,just like the preceding 5. All I can say is it's about time Grimjack returned.I loved the old books. BRING US MORE TALES OF VIOLENCE AND WONDERMENT!!!!!

Posted by: Peter Harrison at August 22, 2005 04:05 PM

would to have to read this issue BUT for some reason the comic shop i buy it from failed to get it blaming it on you guys for making it so late have tryed to get it from other comic shops in the area to find out they haven't even heard of it !!! its sad times in the uk when you can go into a comic shop and be up to your ears in the latist retailing of the robin story and have no copys of your fine book !!!

Posted by: paul smith at November 26, 2005 11:31 AM

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