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February 23, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Day


In the very first panel of the very first Munden's Bar story, we made reference to a proud Cynosure holiday-- instead of a President's Day sale, we had a Hunter S. Thompson Day Sale.

Sadly, this year they collided.

Hunter S. Thompson died this past Sunday, after living a life that was so rich and outsized that Garry Trudeau's roman-a-clef, Ambassador Duke Harris, didn't outshine the original.

We here at Munden's raise a glass to his memory, celebrating his brilliant work and mourning his tragic loss.

Posted by Glenn Hauman at February 23, 2005 04:45 PM

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I will miss him ... BIG HUG for Juan, Jen, Willam and Anita… who will never be able to fill the hole left in there lives by the man in spite of the myth and legend attached to his life..

I am a long time friend of Juan we went to the Aspen Community School together I have been using the blogs to try to send a message of love to him and the family but I know he is totally swamped because of the media attention at Owl farm and we need to let him know that we care for Him, Anita and the whole family in this time of tragedy while respecting his privacy

Let's see if we can get the word out ...
He was first the MAN….
He became the myth and legend
To me he was several people.
He was my best friend’s dad although he always called his dad Hunter
(At Juan’s wedding he said to a friend about me “Look there’s another little bastard I raised that turned out OK”)
He was Hunter S. Thompson retiring shy southerner who loved guns and his freedom
He was the Dr. Gonzo who we all know who would be in your face and try to kill you if you attempted to try to take away his guns, drugs, freedom, privacy and the god given right to go into an explosive tirade about it.

To be such a person required him to have a unique emotional support structure. These people now need our support, love and understanding in this time of grief.

Bradley Laboe

Posted by: Bradley Laboe at February 23, 2005 06:33 PM

Yeah man this is really nice words you put together to describe this crownexample of how
well we all should be able to translate the energy of life realeased when massive amounts of stimulating forces is prowling its way through the head.
A truly inspired and holefilling soul:
Skip Bail!

Posted by: Skip Bail at September 3, 2005 05:40 AM

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