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February 19, 2005

Roger Clark, Real Man of Genius

(real man of geeeeenius...)

As many of you know, we're publishing old issues of GrimJack in The Legend of GrimJack. Problem is, it's been 20+ years since these books were first printed-- and over time, we've lost some of the film, including a complete issue that would be in LoGJ#2. And the original artwork for that issue was loooooong gone-- but Timothy Truman and George Hagenaur were able to track down the guy who had gotten the original artwork for the entire issue.

That god among men was Roger Clark.

(that man was Roger...)

Roger scanned every page of the original artwork and sent it to us, so we could recreate the pages and share it with GrimJack fans, old and new alike.


So here's to you, Roger Clark! Your superior skill at collecting, combined with your obvious taste in artists, makes you our Real Man of Genius.

(real man of genius...)

And we sincerely hope that saying it now, and again when the book comes out, will make up for the fact that your name got left out of the book.

Posted by Glenn Hauman at February 19, 2005 05:08 PM

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