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January 25, 2005

Welcome (back) to Munden's

Hey there. Long time no see.

I know, I know-- we've been closed for a long time. There was that dimensional shift, the fight with the Cynosure Liquor Authority, then that infestation of lawyers... and after all that, it took some time to decontaminate the land, rebuild the bar, and realign the feng shui. Plus there was that geas about re-opening before the Red Sox won the Series. But it's okay, we're back, and open for business.

You're probably curious about the other folks that hang around here. For some of you, that means Mr. Gaunt, BlacJacMac, Jericho Noleski, Roscoe, and Bob. And some of you tell me that you're expecting some guys named Ostrander, Truman, Workman, Kinderski, and Gold-- they're in here a lot. I understand they make a living in some other dimension telling stories about some of the stuff that goes on in here, but they pay their bar tab quick so I can't complain too much.

As for Mr. Gaunt and friends, he's been busy himself. There's a group called IDW Publishing that's publishing all sorts of stuff about him, and the first of it will be in stores in a week. The Cyn-Times will have more information about it, and you can order them direct from IDW by clicking here.

Meanwhile, I've got your drinks here, so I'm going to propose a toast before Bob steals my bottle. To you and yours, welcome back. Spread the word. The bar's open, the beer's kinda cold, the guns are loaded and so is the clientele.

Okay, now which of you ordered the Old Mink?

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